Ft. Wayne, IN

Tolon, Ft. Wayne, IN

Who would have thought that you could find great scallops in Indiana? Yet that’s exactly what my dining companion enjoyed during a recent visit to Tolon, Ft. Wayne’s newest restaurant, which has only been open since February.

Tolon is a play on the last name of the owners, Matt and Nicky Nolot, who have created a great ambience in a very eclectic space that has been described as “vintage industrial.” Tolon is a farm-to-table restaurant that sources most of its dishes locally. The menu will be changing seasonally, and will include Indiana based signature drinks and spirits.

Still, that does not explain the delicious scallops, although they were accompanied by locally grown pepper roasted Brussel sprouts that made a nice impact. As for myself, I went with more traditional Indiana fare, pork chops, which were tender and flavorful.

All in all, a surprisingly sophisticated meal in an engaging setting.

614 S. Harrison Street
Ft. Wayne, IN