Strategic Planning & Retreats

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
Lewis Carroll

Strategy: Putting Theory into Practice

In today’s brave new legal world, competition is fierce among firms for a diminishing number of clients. In order to win new business – and retain current clients – law firms need to develop strategic plans that reflect the realities of today’s marketplace while charting a visionary course for tomorrow.

We know the drill because we’ve been in your shoes and have hired outside consultants to help us. During the strategic planning process, we help you sort through options and make informed choices about future direction and course of action. For some firms the decision may be to remain on course. For others it may mean a merger, an acquisition of a key practice, or making several strategic lateral hires. Whatever the outcome, we help you navigate and address the issues.

Converting the Plan to Action

Good strategic plans do not sit on shelves; good strategic plans get implemented. We work firm leadership to develop a process that optimizes buy-in and commitment from key stakeholders. And we ensure that the plan includes tangible, deadline-driven action items and identifies who is responsible and accountable.

Making the Most of Retreats

For many law firms, a retreat is a welcome respite from day-to-day obligations and an opportunity for firm leaders to meet and discuss critical issues, cement collegial bonds and chart a course for future success. Yet it takes considerable planning to make the most of a retreat.

Law Practice Consultants call on years of experience to plan, lead and facilitate productive, results-driven retreats for firms of all sizes. We also will work with you to implement the strategies and action plans you adopted during your retreat.