Coqueta, San Francisco, CA

Although located among the plethora of seafood restaurants along the waterfront, Coqueta is an anomaly, offering a mélange of Spanish-style tapas and raciones (literally, “rations” or larger portions). The menu was challenging and the choices are not for the conservative diner. Prepare to experience some very different flavors as you progress through a meal here.

I chose the patatas bravas (potatoes with salsa and garlic aioli) and added a sunny-side up egg. An unusual combination that is very Spanish, and a unique taste combination that proved to be tasty.

Coqueta definitely offers an uncommon experience for your taste buds. While I am glad we tried it, I will probably go back to more traditional San Francisco offerings during my next visit.

Pier 5
The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA
(415) 704-8866

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

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