Heather McCullough

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Heather McCullough, co-founder, and partner of Society 54 serves as an Affiliate Consultant.

Heather is well known in the legal marketing industry as an innovator whose wheels never stop turning when it comes to maximizing profit, client rapport, and strategic direction. She has the experience and resources to help law firms of all sizes and across practice areas improve internal efficiencies while building a more robust and effective business development program.

Heather has brought game-changing results to professional services firms across the country for more than two decades. Approaching each challenge with wit and tenacity, her creativity and intellect is unparalled and her results demonstrate the power of hard work, strategy, and collaboration.

Heather works with regional and national law firms that are seeking to gain competitive advantage in the global marketplace that is an increasingly challenging environment for legal services. Heather never says no to a challenge. She knows that hollow rebranding and marketing can fall flat and operates as a tireless advocate for her clients to ensure that efforts are impactful and return on the investments made.

Prior to founding Society 54, Heather was the director of business and practice development at one of the most well-respected law firms in the Carolinas, where she oversaw all aspects of business development and marketing, including communications, client relations, strategy, and client acquisition – all while keeping a keen eye on budgets and delivering ROI. Heather has led and restructured organizational changes while working inside law firms, as well as in a consulting capacity. Combined with her MBA from the University of South Carolina, her experience makes her an ideal advisor for firms that want to challenge the status quo, effect change, and maximize profitability.


  • University of South Carolina, MBA
  • University of Georgia, BLA