Client Feedback Program

To guess is cheap. To guess wrong is expensive.
“I wish all of our law firms would invest in client feedback interviews. It is a real differentiator – and one of the most effective ways of strengthening our relationship.”
General Counsel, Fortune 200 Company

To Guess is Cheap. To Guess Wrong is Expensive.

Your clients are your most valuable asset and deserve service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. All too often, law firms mistakenly assume their clients are satisfied until they lose the clients. Client interviews eliminate the guesswork about client perceptions of service and value. Candid discussions provide meaningful insights and substantive feedback to help you build and enhance client loyalty. Client interviews help you:

  • Strengthen client relationships and build client loyalty
  • Let you know what you are doing well
  • Define specific areas that need improvement (service, pricing, billing, etc.)
  • Assess client willingness to provide referrals
  • Identify new business and cross-selling opportunities
  • Understand how clients select law firms and lawyers – and why they replace them
  • Learn how clients view your firm—your “brand”
  • Benchmark competitor practices, strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain a deeper understanding of a client’s current business objectives and evolving legal needs

Keeping You On Track

For firms of all sizes, we have conducted over 100 client interviews to assess client satisfaction—what the firm is doing well and areas for improvement. Without question, every interview provides invaluable information that benefits the firm-client relationship – and your bottom line. We analyze and summarize the interviews and deliver client-specific reports, as well as a trend and theme report, after interviewing multiple clients.