Leadership Development

Change is good, your first.

As competition among law firms continues to intensify, so does the need to maximize the performance of firm leadership, including managing partners, senior staff leadership and practice group leaders.

Having held these positions in law firms, we understand the opportunities and challenges involved in developing leaders and managing organizational change. We have helped firms of all sizes evaluate performance levels and deal with an evolving marketplace. Working closely with clients, we define goals and formulate feasible action plans to effect appropriate – and lasting – changes within their firms’ cultures, governance structures and business practices.

Our assessment tools range from web-based surveys to in-person, confidential interviews with firm leadership, partners, associates and professional staff. In addition, we offer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)—a tool that can help an individual understand how personal preferences impact her/his approach to work as well as work relationships.

Our own experience as lawyers, managing partners and marketing and business development professionals gives us the insight needed to elicit candid responses that generate constructive change. Also, it doesn’t hurt that several of us have graduate degrees in counseling or are certified in leadership coaching.

A Sounding Board for Managing Partners and Senior Leadership Staff

It can be lonely at the top. That’s why firm leadership so often benefits from having an experienced, independent and objective sounding board and confidant. We have a long history of advising law firm leadership from managing partners to COOs and CMOs on a range of issues that impact firm performance, growth and profitability.

As former managing partners or chairs of firms, our principal consultants have met many of the challenges confronting firm leadership today. As trusted advisors, we draw on our personal experience and knowledge to help firm leaders become more effective at:

  • Resolving thorny internal conflicts
  • Addressing performance issues
  • Developing high-potential individuals and teams
  • Building consensus
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Balancing the role of practitioner and leader
  • Improving internal communication
  • Managing organizational dynamics

Developing Effective Practice Group Leaders

Practice group leaders must be effective managers, strategists and business developers. Their success hinges on their leadership skills, vision and understanding of firm goals, as well as knowing they have the support of the firm.

We offer customized training and coaching programs designed to help practice group leaders:

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Motivate and mentor group members
  • Plan and facilitate meetings
  • Develop and implement practice group business plans
  • Get buy-in from group members
  • Work more effectively with firm management
  • Enhance their leadership skills
  • Establish realistic goals in keeping with firm strategies
  • Assess group members’ skills and competencies
  • Improve group profitability
  • Deal with underperformers