Succession Planning

Who will lead your firm in the future?
Leadership succession is a significant challenge for law firms of all sizes. It is the duty of today’s partners to prepare future leaders. Smart leaders plan now for the future.

The Solution

The foundation of any succession plan is ensuring that new and potential leaders have the skills and support they need to be successful. One-off leadership programs can initially be helpful, but lack ongoing support and reinforcement. During the succession planning process we help sort through the options --within the context of firm’s strategic priorities, culture, and resources – and map out a course of action.  

We work closely with current leadership to customize our more structured program to groom candidates for leadership positions and help them build the range of management skills their roles require. Group meetings are ideal for skill building, sharing experiences and developing relationships across firm. In addition, each attorney develops a plan for achieving their individual leadership goals and objectives and participates in four to six months of development coaching.