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10 Easy Ways to Develop Legal Business

Ask any rainmaker in a law firm how they develop business and they will tell you that developing business is all about developing relationships. Here are 10 easy ways for any lawyer to begin developing relationships that will lead to legal business:

  1. Join associations relevant to your practice area
  2. Speaking
  3. Charities/Boards/Community activities
  4. Identify and attend networking events
  5. Write articles for legal or industry publications
  6. Participate in seminars/panels
  7. Communicate accomplishments internally
  8. Assume a leadership role in bar association
  9. Get involved with industry groups, key client teams
  10. Meetings with other professional to develop referral sources

As with any relationship it will take time for it to develop to the point where people will be comfortable with giving you business; however, ongoing, committed participation in these activities will most often lead to legal business.