If you can make friends, then you can develop business.

I can’t take credit for this tip.  One of my clients recently had this epiphany and was so excited, she called to share – the qualities, behaviors and attitudes that are required in order to make friends are the same required to develop business.  Think about it.  What makes you a good friend?  Do you listen?  Are you inquisitive and thoughtful?  Do you communicate regularly?  Do you smile and encourage?  Are you honest and intentional?  There you have it!  Each of these habits translates to business development.  It’s about getting to know your clients and prospective clients personally, and understanding ways in which you can best support them.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is founder and principal of Law Practice Consultants, LLC of Newton, MA. Law Practice Consultants offers consulting, coaching and training services that help law firms respond to the challenges of today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. For more information visit www.lawpracticeconsultants.com.
Peter Johnson

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