Make it Common Practice

I want to let you in on a little secret that might change your whole perspective on business development: it is common sense. In all my years of consulting, I have never offered any business development advice or coaching that even approaches “genius” – just common sense. That being said, simply because business development is common sense, doesn’t mean it’s common PRACTICE. But that can change. I’d like to invite you to buckle up and join me on a journey through some of my favorite and prized business development tips. My goal is to inspire you to incorporate at least one into your business practices every month. Because then, business development will be both your common sense and your common practice. Ready, set, go!

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is founder and principal of Law Practice Consultants, LLC of Newton, MA. Law Practice Consultants offers consulting, coaching and training services that help law firms respond to the challenges of today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. For more information visit
Peter Johnson

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