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Practice your pitch.

When meeting and speaking with potential clients, your pitch is the most important tool in your toolbox. “I am an attorney” just won’t cut it! Your words must be thoughtfully chosen and presented in a way that motivates your “audience” to ask for more information. Just as you would prepare for a speech, your pitch should be rehearsed. The goal is deliver your pitch comfortably and smoothly (not mechanically).  It should fit the setting, and be memorable and enlightening without being laborious.

Let me remind you that the service you offer is remarkable and essential – and you should be proud to present it as such. The practice of law not only solves problem, it can change lives. Share this with people! Are you an intellectual property litigator who has obtained multi-million dollar verdicts for trade secret misappropriation? Perhaps your pitch begins something like this: “I represent and counsel clients when their trade secrets are stolen.” Are you an estate planning attorney who works on behalf of high net-worth families? Maybe your pitch starts out with: “I advise individuals in their acquisition and management of vacation residences and personal airplanes.”   Think about what accurately portrays the work you do with an angle that will draw your audience into a full-blown conversation.