You don’t need to change WHO you are to become a skilled business developer.

You may just need to change what you do.  Think about it – business development is really about relationships.  The skills and determination that have advanced you to the level you’re at professionally are many of the same skills needed for business development.   I would be willing to bet that you’re a good listener, you’re analytical, you’re a skilled questioner, you’re organized, and your work ethic is next to none.  You do NOT need to be the cringe invoking, backslapping, “work a room like it’s nobody’s business” kind of person you might envision.  Business development is about your own personality and comfort level, first and foremost.  Frankly, nobody likes or wants to work with someone who isn’t being true to themselves.  Apply your professional skills to your business development and relationship-building in the way that suits you most.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is founder and principal of Law Practice Consultants, LLC of Newton, MA. Law Practice Consultants offers consulting, coaching and training services that help law firms respond to the challenges of today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. For more information visit
Peter Johnson

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