Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, Cincinnati, OH

Chef Jeff Ruby says the purpose of his business is to deliver an absolutely incomparable total dining experience, known as “The Jeff Ruby Experience.” I’m here to tell you that Jeff and his staff deliver on that promise.

I’m a steak guy, and I was convinced that nothing could ever top the steakhouses of Chicago. But Jeff Ruby’s in Cincinnati is simply the best steak place ever.

The décor is rich and elegant, with dark woods, toned down lighting and deeply upholstered seating. It creates an atmosphere that says (quietly, of course), “You are about to enjoy a very special meal.” The payoff to this assertion comes quickly, with attentive service and a look at menu filled with an array of steak options. This place is focused – even the seafood choices are listed as “Ocean Meats.”

I went all in and ordered a bone-in rib eye, sautéed with mushrooms and onions, with hash browns on the side. The steak was the most flavorful I have ever had, a great cut that was prepared to perfection. It was accompanied by a terrific red from the restaurant’s extensive wine cellar that put an exclamation point on the entire meal.

If you are ever in – or near – Cincinnati, take the time to have lunch or dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. You’ll call and thank me later.

Speaking of which, Jeff Ruby also has steakhouses in Louisville and Nashville, so now I am looking for excuses to visit those cities. If you have a law firm in either locale and are looking to improve your business development and client management efforts, let’s do lunch – at Jeff Ruby’s.

700 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513.784.1200

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

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