The Woods, Jupiter, FL

The “Woods” in the name is none other than Tiger Woods, the once (and future?) top golfer in the world. This elegantly appointed eatery, located just off the Intracoastal Waterway, is Tiger’s first venture into the restaurant business, and he clearly picked his partners well. This is one of the classier sports bars you’ll ever find. My recommendation is to make a reservation to sit in the bar area to soak in the ambience and take in a game on one of dozens of big screen televisions.

As for the food, it is up to par. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) I found the center cut pork chop to be excellent. The flatbread pizzas are also a cut above. The beer list was a little shortsighted. But, then again, how many sports bars have a cigar list?

Harbourside Place
129 Soundings Ave.
Jupiter, FL

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

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