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Peter Johnson and Victoria Arnold to speak about warning signs of law firm failure

Peter Johnson and Victoria Arnold will speak at the LMASE Columbia City Group June program about recognizing the warning signs of law firm failure.

As the profession of law continues its transition into “the business of lawyering” the legal landscape is changing dramatically. There will be winners and losers, and only the most agile firms will survive and prosper. This workshop will explore the “how and why” of law firm failure. We will review common root causes and identify the warning signs of pending trouble. We will then examine the “culture of the winners,” highlighting how successful firms overcome the many challenges attendant to change and that interfere with profitable growth.

The influence and role of legal marketers is expanding and many have become more involved in firm management and strategic planning. Though the primary responsibility may be marketing and business development, the focus should expand to include other aspects of law firm operations. The workshop will provide insights into those law firm operations that impact the success of legal marketers.

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