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Peter Johnson Published in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Quoted on Law360 Website

Peter Johnson’s article on associate recruitment and retention, “Why Associates Leave and How to Stop Them,” was published in the September 22, 2105 of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. You can read the original text here.

In addition, Peter has been quoted with great frequency by the widely read website. On July 14 Peter was interviewed for an article entitled, “3 Mistakes Firms Make When Slashing Client Bills,” in which he cautioned about being too eager to discount hourly rates and fees.

In the August 27 edition of Law360 he was quoted in “Why You’re Losing Business to Other Firms,” speaking on reasons clients are not as resistant to moving the legal work as they were years ago, and citing the need to cultivate relationships at all levels, including junior partners and mid-level counsel.

And on October 6, in “The Top 5 Ways Lawyers Waste Time,” Peter warned against attorneys who, “don’t have plans, so they waste time in doing things without a plan. If you ask them, ‘What’s your target? Who are your top clients that you want to either get more business from or use as a referral and what’s your timeline?’ They don’t have an answer for that.”