Client Interviews: Communicating with the Client

For some reason, communicating with the client post-interview seems to terrify and intimidate lawyers. This should not be the case. This is the exciting part! And, your chance to propose steps that will strengthen your relationship. After all, the point of this undertaking was to invoke change and improvement. (If you didn’t intend to actually contact the client for follow-up, then you probably shouldn’t have launched an interview initiative.)

Try to schedule an in-person follow-up meeting if possible. You’ll want to discuss the interview, the report, and the recommendations that were made. Discuss thoroughly any problem-solving steps that can be taken to meet issues or needs that surfaced during the interview. For example, maybe the client complained about billing formats and timeline – offer to provide alternative layouts and a revised schedule.

Answer any questions they have, and reiterate the fact that their ongoing feedback and honesty is crucial and important to you and your firm. After all, we all like to be reminded that our words and opinions are valuable and highly-sought.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

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