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All roads lead somewhere – so plan the work and work the plan.

To all the lawyers out there who may not claim planning as one of their strengths, I have a very important news alert for you: Business plans are for everyone! I can’t tell you the number of clients with whom we have consulted that come to us hoping to dive right into their business development efforts without first laying out a strategic, attainable and measurable plan. I’m certainly not saying that every plan pans out exactly as we intend, and I’m also not saying that every unplanned effort fails… but I am saying that a plan makes it more likely that you will get to your destination.

Your business development plan can serve as a roadmap for your practice. All roads do lead somewhere, and I would much rather travel them with a map (or with a GPS) than without. Maybe your plan covers one month, or maybe one year, or maybe 5 years. Do what feels most sensible and achievable for you. A plan is not meant to complicate or belabor your business development, but rather to help you arrive without getting lost. You may need to “reroute” once or twice, but you can always return to the map to make revisions at any time.

For questions about how to put your plan together, contact any member of the LPC team. We would be happy to provide a framework, suggestions, or quick tips for getting started.