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Review and update your contact information on a regular basis.

I know what you’re thinking: “You must be joking, right? Of course I will keep my contact information up-to-date!” Let me just say that, while highly elementary, this is one of my most important tips. You would be horrified at the number of attorneys who forget where exactly all their contact information is listed, and therefore fail to up-to-date all sources. Certainly understandable! You have bigger fish to fry on any given day. That said, successful business development lies in the details, and this is certainly one of those details. Missing or incorrect contact information could cost you a client. Best practice is to schedule a recurring calendar appointment that will remind you to review/update all contact information every few months. And don’t leave anything out! Check your website, business cards, email signature, LinkedIn and other social media profiles, Yellow Pages, marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations, etc.