Review your website regularly.

Similar to the blog in which we encouraged you to review your contact information regularly, we also encourage you to review your website regularly. Review it with the eyes of an outsider—someone who knows nothing about your business. Is the content that’s posted an accurate representation of your firm and services? Are representative matter and accolade lists up-to-date? Are the images modern enough? Have alumni attorney names and photos been removed? Is your site optimized for mobile and tablet devices? Does it cater to search engine preferences?

While LPC does not specialize in web design, development or SEO, we can certainly recommend trusted colleagues who can help you. Your website is likely the first place people will go to learn about your capabilities, values, successes and colleagues. Don’t let the opportunity to draw in your web viewers pass you by! And make sure your contact information is current, so that when viewers are impressed by the content, they know how to reach you.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is founder and principal of Law Practice Consultants, LLC of Newton, MA. Law Practice Consultants offers consulting, coaching and training services that help law firms respond to the challenges of today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. For more information visit
Peter Johnson

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