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Don’t know why your clients are unhappy? Here’s how to find out.

Got Feedback?
A recent article posted on the ABA “Legal Rebels” website, “Clients are Mad as Hell, But Also Really Vague,” highlights the growing feeling of unease among outside counsel firms that corporate clients are unhappy. The manifestation of this is clients “unbundling” legal services and distributing them among multiple external law firms.

Here’s what our research has found:

  • More than half of all law firm clients consider switching firms because of issues with their current firm
  • Typically, only one-third of a firm’s clients are completely satisfied
  • Low satisfaction leads to firm’s clients being open to pitches from competing firms

Still, few firms can put their finger on the cause of the dissatisfaction, and clients are not forthcoming about why they are discontent. Here’s a novel idea: Why not ask the clients? Our firm conducts in person client interviews that allow clients to open up more than they would if questioned directly by their partner or another member of their outside law firm. And it works.

We’ve seen client relationships saved – and strengthened – through the introduction of a formal client interview process. Clients love it, and many firms who respond to the feedback enjoy a boost in business.

  • All clients interviewed said they approve and value client satisfaction surveys
  • A significant percentage of clients interviewed in person have given their law firm new business as a result of being interviewed and the follow-up activities

You can read more about the client interview process in our Voice of the Client online series.