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The Evolution and Effective Implementation of Lawyer Coaching

See you in Atlanta? The Legal Marketing Association Southeastern Chapter’s regional conference will be held from September 16-18, in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be moderating a panel discussion on “The Evolution and Effective Implementation of Lawyer Coaching – Insiders’ Views.” The panel will meet on Friday, September 18 at 8:30 am. I guarantee you’ll be glad you got up early to attend!

For many lawyers and law firms, coaching has become integral to developing practices. Coaching has changed over the years, comes in different shapes and sizes, and has gained acceptance in most firms. All of our panelists serve as law firm CMOs and are responsible for coaching programs in their firms. They will share their experiences with respect to:

  • Whether there is a need for coaching
  • The role of the CMO, business development, and marketing personnel
  • Resources needed – internal vs. external
  • How do you “sell” coaching to management?
  • What are the important characteristics of a “successful coach?”
  • How are the coaching participants selected?
  • What is the right time period for a coaching program?
  • What is the cost?
  • How is success measured?
  • How to navigate through roadblocks?

Come discover how your peers in other firms have used coaching to help drive new business development through more effective attorney marketing.